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I am doing a project about afternoon tea at art college and thought I would research about peoples favourite mugs and your page came up, thanks for being as mad as me!


I love using mugs that were gifts, it gives me five minutes to think about the people who gave them. In the same vein, but much rarer, when I dust photos of family I always send them a kiss, it's like turning Tibetan payer wheels on my stroll through life.


Ooo what a lovely collection. I do like the bug/ant one the best and lovely that it was a gift from your daughter...makes it extra special!

Kate Takes 5

Made it at last! I was wondering what that auntie one was trying to say with that hole thing in the middle!

The Mad House

I love your eclectic collection of mugs


Quite right Hannah, am planning on today's holiday activity - cooking, to fix that clean gap!


It's definitely a saviour SMM! And ith half a litre that's nearly enough to get me through a junior football match!

Stealing Mummys Mascara

Love these - especially the sanity mug, I need one of these to make sure i get my caffine finx when i'm driving rather than swilling myself with tea every 5 mins! x


Foolish girl, we wouldn't have noticed the grubby wall in the pix and now you are going to have to wash the whole wall to hide the clean patch.....then again could just throw some grease and ketchup at the clean bit so its blends in a bit...after all your kids are half English and thus able throw food unlike their supposedly well behaved French mates!

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