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You are so spot on with Number 1 and 5 (My husband is a teacher). Do you also come home with ink all over your fingers? He's always got green and red ink everywhere, including elbows sometimes.


See, middle-aged, you're not paying attention, I've explained my original spelling of weirdo already!!

I love the grammar and the grape comment, it may well become my new motto :)

I'd forgotten about the "interesting" present shelf, I had meant to take some photos, we have a competition in the staff room every year, last year's winner gave favourite teachers a (whole) smoked salmon!

BTW Kate - best job in the universe:)

Kate Takes 5

Love no. 3 :) Can not in my wildest dreams (nightmares?) imagine being a teacher!

Middle-aged Matron

This is great. And hurrah for grammar! PS *whispers furtively* you've spelled 'weirdo' wrong, teacher!

Midlife SInglemum

Love it, and I have a pencil case as well, obviously because I'm a teacher. I'd like to add that all teachers also have a cupboard full of cheap smelly gifts for the bathroom and personal pampering along with a drawer of scented candles. All recieved as Christmas and end of year gifts. All waiting to be passed on (re-gifted I mean).

Bibsey Mama

Nothing wrong with a healthy respect for grammar and the grape. I myself am quite keen on both.

Lauren - Big Eejit

I used to be a teacher so I empathise/agree with all of these! Especially the grammar/spelling/punctuation one!

Emma @ Notsuchayummymummy

Hahaha! I love number 5! My best friend is a History teacher at a dodgy senior school & says her life wouldn't be worth living without a couple of glasses of wine of an evening!


So totally agree as an ex teacher although i have dispensed with the pencil case.There seem to be a few of us about.


I spelt weird wrong to see who wasn't paying attention at the back of the class! :p


Love your list!
I used to be a teacher and I was exactly the same with numbers 1 and 2!


I'm with you on number 3.
But then, if I hadn't been a journalist, I'd have been an English teacher.
By the way, you spelled 'weirdo' wrong! ;-D

(Thanks for suggesting such a great listography for this week. Loved doing mine)


brilliant. i think my OH (who is a teacher) would totally agree!

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