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Thanks Bibsey, see you're still going strong!

My husband (French) has always brouught our kids up to try new stuff - they're not aven allowed kids' meals in restaurants, so they think the every taste challenge - perhaps we could have one per letter per day Bibsey!!

It's funny to look at where life takes us isn't it Wendy? My maternal grandma has no 100% Brit great-grandchildren, two half French, one half Portuguese, two half SPanish, one half Japanese... etc!

Bibsey Mama

Great post. I wouldn't describe myself as an expat wife, but I am an expat living in an area in Spain where there are a lot of Brits it is hard to break out and meet Spanish people. I was pregnant when we arrived in Spain and I think that this made it more difficult for me to 'get out' and meet people right from the word go. Then of course I had a baby and was hardly getting out at all. Meeting some English women, having someone to talk to, was a life saver.

Good luck with the A-Z. Keep on blogging!


Hey there! Just read I and tried to comment but no luck. My favorite is chocolate because I am boring and love chocolate. Your son in brave, I would gag on licorice!


Visiting from AtoZ and totally intrigued with this topic. It is one I've never thought about except to casually wonder how or why one chooses that path. When I was vacationing in Italy, I met a shopkeeper from Scotland. Scotland? I marveled at her bravery to leave a country behind and adopt a new one. I like other places, but I don't think I'd have what it takes to MOVE there. You've shown me a subtlety I was unaware of. I wonder if the difference in "immigrant" and "expat" lies in motive or perceived motive. Immigrant sounds positive, like they choose to come. Expat maybe sounds temporary, like one intends to go back. I don't know.

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