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Keep at it! Check out my books and you'll see why I noticed your post :-) (http://www.y42k.com/books.htm):

"R is for Running" is "a lighthearted lexicon that spells out what it means to be a runner". It's $7.99 in paper and 99 cents for the ebook.

"Chasing the Runner's High" is the story of how I pushed my addiction to running up to, and then past, my limits. I share what I've learned, what I should have learned, and what I still has to learn from running. Marshall Ulrich, four-time winner of the Badwater Ultramarathon, says the book "provides a hard look into the mind of a runner". It's that, but there's plenty of fun too. "Chasing the Runner's High" is only $12.99 for the trade paperback or $2.99 for the ebook.

And if you can help spread the word, I'll light a candle for you :-)
--Ray Charbonneau
Y42K? blog: http://y42k.wordpress.com/


You are ahead of me. I like running but 10k is my maximum. Good luck for the marathon. It also looks like you had managed to stay in shape. I am a bit jealous, actually!


The secret is to do it very slowly!

Stephen Tremp

Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge to say hello! Now I'm inspired to take a run. I used to run track in high school but that was quite a while ago.

Lucy Adams

Best of luck in the marathon! I stick to 5Ks because no matter how much I run, I still hate it. But I keep going.


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