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Meg's already half way through number 2!! I too, will be waiting to see what they make of the next two books, or will it be like Eragon, no follow up???

Sarah Garner

Ha! Saw the film with Saff and a pal on Friday - Saff devoured the books several weeks ago and I read the first one before seeing the film. Stayed up until 2.30am reading the last one last night (they are totally compulsive reading, no question there) - just what I needed before term started again this morning (the alarm was a nasty surprise). All I can say is that neither of the girls was remotely concerned about the infanticide as they are children themselves and only see it as a game of survival of their peers. As a mother however, I found the reality of seeing actors the same age as my own daughter being massacred by their peers unpleasant and upsetting - and the reaping scene particularly nasty, it really tore at my heartstrings. Both girls loved the film and spend weekends dashing around with homemade bows and arrows playing at being Katniss. Now I've read the last book (don't want to spoil it for you but knowing you, you've probably finished it by now too) - but it's so bloody and bleak it is beyond my imagination how they will make it into a film.....so in surmise - like Lord of the Flies which I loved as a child, it pricks more once you are a parent....Megane will no doubt love the film although I should make her read the book first so she knows the story. You will possibly find it sticks in the craw....and as for the trilogy as a whole, nothing Hollywood about it that's for sure!! Left me feeling very empty indeed!

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