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They're 12 & 9, we're quite huggy too Elizabeth, and always have a morning hug, nice habit to get into as usually followed by stressful day of running around like a headless chicken!!

I thinnk xxx is a pretty British/anglophone thing isn't it Kaz? I suppose the French think of a porno website when they see it!!

I think my next posts will be all the things I thought of too late for A to Z Elizabeth!!


Thanks for the great laugh. I've been thinking alphabetically too! I don't know what I'll be thinking about next week either. I'm not sure I'll remember how to come up with a new blog post without a letter prompt to jiggle my brain cells.
Regarding sibs and affection, we are a very huggy, kissy family so even though my kids are older they are still quite affectionate toward each other (in a non-creepy way, of course).
Thanks for the great post


That's so sweet, how old are yours? Mine are 7 (girl)and 5 (boy)and quite affectionate to each other ( and then thumping the bajesus out of each other 5 secs later). I'd be worried otherwise!!
The constant arguing and fighting really gets on my noggin too...
On another note, I find it weird when people I hardly know or just know through work, sign off with xx !! Bit cheeky, non? But this is France I spose!
Another nice post! xx :)

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