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Of course I knew the Alphaville song, but I had never seen the original video. What a trip! It looks like a recruitment video for some kind of sect!


Absolutely love Madonna, and cannot believe I forgot to include her in my list, I was mad about her when I was growing up! Had all her early albums, from True Blue, Like A Virgin, You Can Dance....
Now really wanting to go back to my list and stick another one on the end.... I need to get Spotlight put on there, love that song the most, and love the lyrics... :-)


Funnily enough now I think about it French adventure coincided with getting rid of the batwings and leggings!

Kate Takes 5

Lol - I too had a pink and grey striped bat-winged jumper! (and failed to pull in it now that Ithink about it...)

And wow to your French adverture -amazing!

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